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A Mystical World

“Mummy my tooth is wobbly”. Those words represent a big milestone in your childs life. The time has come for your child to lose his/her baby teeth in order for the adult teeth to push through. Well you can now take your child right into the hidden mystical world of the tooth fairy. An exciting and mysterious adventure. A magical world where your child gets a phone call from the Tooth Fairy. Read More…

Magical Memory

Do you remember when you excitedly put your first tooth under your pillow and tried to stay awake to see the tooth fairy swap your tooth for a shiny coin or two? We certainly do. Well now you can create a magical memory that is likely to stay with your child forever. What a story to tell their friends the next day. A truly fantastic, memorable experience for your child that they will never forget Read More…

The Forgetful Fairy

“The Forgetful Fairy” experience consists of the following: A fairy bag, a fairy key, fairy sleep dust, a small fairy envelope containing a personalised hand written thank you note, a fairy gift and a telephone call Order Here… You can also purchase the “Enquiring Elf” phone call or “The Forgetful Parent” phone call should you choose to. Order The Forgetful Parent or Order The Enquiring Elf


Esme’s Gold Key

My daughter Eliza was so happy and excited when Esme’s gold key appeared & when the tooth fairy called her she was overjoyed. I recorded it on my mobile and her reaction was priceless. Every parent should give Esme the Tooth Fairy a go! Fantastic. Grant

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Esme the Tooth Fairy

My son loved his call from the tooth fairy ! At 7 he’s quite old to lose his first tooth so it was a great way to keep the magic alive! He had a lovely chat with Esme and the admin I dealt with couldn’t have been more helpful! I would recommend this tooth fairy

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The Tooth Fairy Chat

“This was the most brilliant thing ever, my daughter was gobsmacked and the detail the tooth fairy goes into is amazing, they even incorporated her friends and her pets. They were on the phone for about 10 minutes and they have a voice changer (or magic….) so it sounds like the tooth fairy! Give them

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Such a magical experience

“Our daughters first tooth fell out on Friday and she received a call from Esme the tooth fairy this morning. All the details put into Esmes story left our daughter in no doubt that Esme had been in her bedroom. The conversation was fantastic and it was so heart warming to see the look of

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Speechless Tooth Fairy Phonecall

“Daniel just got a phone call from Esme the tooth fairy from The forgetful fairy. He was totally speechless I wish I had recorded him as he sat with his mouth wide open the whole time and hasn’t stopped giggling since. He absolutely loved it. Very well done, highly recommend The forgetful fairy. Will Defo

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So believable in every way

“My daughters tooth fell out at bedtime last night, I emailed the forgetful fairy requesting a call between 4.30 – 5.30. Poppy received her call at 4.35, she was totally lost for words. Esme was fantastic & Poppy could not believe how much she knew about her & her house, even her dogs molly &

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I can’t praise the experience enough

“Wow, the most magical experience for my little one. She lost her tooth yesterday received her call today from Esme asking if she had left behind her key. She was absolutely amazed, the detail in the call was very thorough Tilly totally believes that Esme was here last night. She has said several times how

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Unforgettable experience to be treasured forever

“This was so magical, my son can’t stop talking about Esme, as a parent it’s these perfect magical little moments really mean the world. His face was priceless and it brought me to tears of happiness. He was ecstatic that he had ‘proof’ that the tooth fairy is real, and he held in to her

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Priceless call from the Tooth Fairy

“My son’s tooth fell our last night but he didn’t tell me as I was asleep. He woke up to find the Tooth Fairy hadn’t been. As if by magic this company appeared on my feed. A few hours later my son had his apologetic call from Esme. Priceless doesn’t cover it. His little face

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Amazing Tooth Fairy

“My daughter lost her first tooth on Sunday, I had the tooth fairy pack ready and left the key as instructed. She was amazed in the morning when she found it and then even more amazed when Esme the tooth fairy called her asking her to leave it out so she could come back and

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