Instructions to the Parent or Guardian


* After completing and paying for your order for The Forgetful Fairy experience, a pack containing everything, including an order number, will be sent to the address on your order form. The pack will contain A fairy bag, a fairy key, fairy sleep dust, a small fairy envelope containing a personalised hand written Thank you note, a fairy gift and a specially designed package from Esme, containing ‘large sized melts imprinted with mixed flower seeds’ and instructions on how to grow indoor ‘magic fairy flowers.’

(Please complete your order in plenty of time for any teeth to fall out as delivery can take up to 4 working days)

* You must send an Email to on the day the tooth falls out or at the latest before 10am on the day you require the telephone call, quoting your order number. Please provide a two hour time slot during which time The Forgetful Fairy will make the telephone call to your child.

* After your child has placed the tooth under his/her pillow and fallen asleep, you carefully remove the tooth from under the pillow without disturbing the child. You then leave the organza bag containing the brass key and fairy dust somewhere easily visible in the child’s bedroom.

* When the child wakes up he/she should easily discover the Organza bag.

* Following the phone call, that evening, ask your child to place the fairy bag outside a back door and then remove and dispose once your child is asleep, then leave the fairy envelope/gift at a clearly visible place within your child’s bedroom.

Your child will always remember The Forgetful Fairy experience.




choking-image Warning of a choking hazard due to small parts. Not suitable for children under three years old.

Chocolate may contains Milk, Soya or traces of nuts or a combination of either.

The Forgetful Fairy website requires you to follow the above guidlines and cannot be held responsible should your child wake up during placement of products.

Please see our Terms and Conditions

Professional grade ‘large sized melts imprinted with mixed flower seeds’ will be supplied. The Forgetful Fairy cannot be held responsible for their growth rate/outcome. We cannot offer advice on cultivation of the flowers, use of on line information sources is advised if necessary. This is an indoor plant and so is not suitable for outdoor growth. Do not let children or animals ingest the seeds