About The Forgetful Fairy

“Mummy my tooth is wobbly”. Those words represent a big milestone in your child’s life!

We all carry that lifelong memory of when we were young, excitingly putting our tooth under the pillow, then lying awake worrying about how she’s going to be able to get the tooth from underneath it.

Well here at The Forgetful Fairy we have taken the tooth fairy theme a step further and created a fantastic, memorable experience for your child that they will never forget.

How The Magic Happens

The Fairy King is in charge of tooth fairies all over the world. He is quite a grumpy character and all the fairies try to stay in his good books (they are quite scared of him!)

He gives each tooth fairy a very important magic key, which allows them to get into the childrens’ homes. There is also magic dust for them to sprinkle on the child so that he or she doesn’t wake up.

When visiting to collect your child’s tooth, a mishap happens and the tooth fairy (Esme) has to leave in such a rush that she leaves behind her precious bag containing her magic key and dust. So now she can’t get back in to get it and she can’t collect any more teeth – she is going to be in huge trouble!!!!

The next day Esme will phone your child (using real fairy voice) in a complete panic asking if he/she has found her bag. Whilst on the phone Esme will drop into the conversation a few things she observed when visiting the previous night i.e pets, siblings, bedroom style etc.

She will ask your child if they would do her a huge favour and leave her bag outside the back door when they go to bed, so that she can come and get it when on her way to collect more teeth.

On collecting the bag, Esme will sneak back into your child’s bedroom and leave a fairy envelope containing a handwritten thank you note, gifts and some magic fairy flower seeds.

A memory to treasure forever!

Place an Order

So would you like to give your child The Forgetful Fairy experience? Why don’t you head over to our order  page and place an order.

When you order The Forgetful Fairy experience you will receive a pack containing the following:

Full instructions. A fairy bag, a fairy key, fairy sleep dust, a small fairy envelope containing a personalised hand written thank you note, fairy gifts and a specially designed package from Esme, containing magic fairy flowers.

When the time comes, The Forgetful Fairy will also telephone your child at a time of your choosing.

We also do some exciting Fairy and Elf Telephone Calls

The Forgetful Parent Telephone Call

Oops! Did you forget that the tooth was under the pillow? Did your disappointed child wake up in the morning with it still there? Don’t panic! Esme will take the blame for you.

A very apologetic Esme will call your child the same day with her excuses (she is very imaginative) The detail she goes into will leave your child in no doubt that she was definitely there to collect the tooth but something happened. After a lovely chat she leaves, promising that she will be back that night to collect the tooth.

The Enquiring Elf Telephone Call

Alfie needs to call your child.!!!! He’s the elf who is dealing with your child’s Christmas list….but there is a big problem! He has the list in his hand but there is an item on the list that Alfie can’t quite read and he will be in serious trouble with Santa if he messes up, so he needs to find out what it says!

A chat with a real life elf, who amazingly also remembers so much about coming to your home last year with Santa too! The details he knows about your child can only mean one thing………Santa really is real!!!!

Christmas will be the most magical one ever for your child!