The Forgetful Fairy ®

The Forgetful Fairy ®


Something happened last night when Esme was collecting your child’s tooth, she had to leave in a rush and left behind her magic key, bag and dust – she can’t get into any other houses without it! Your child will find the bag in their room in the morning. That night a panicked Esme will call looking for it, explaining what happened and asking your child’s help her to get it back so she can go to work that night. They will enjoy a lovely chat where Esme will go into so much amazing detail that your child will be in no doubt whatsoever that Esme was in the room last night. Esme will finish by asking your child to leave her bag for her to collect whilst everyone is asleep, in it’s place she will leave a lovely thank you surprise.

When you order The Forgetful Fairy experience, along with the call you will receive a pack containing the following:

A fairy bag, a fairy key, fairy sleep dust, a small fairy envelope containing a personalised hand written thank you note, fairy gifts and a specially designed package from Esme, containing magic fairy flower seeds. *Please note chocolate will be included in the gift*

The Forgetful Fairy will telephone your child at a time of your choosing as detailed on the Instructions page. Thank you.

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The Forgetful Fairy

If you are ordering The Forgetful Fairy, you must send an Email to on the day the tooth falls out or at the latest before 10am on the day you require the telephone call, quoting your order number.

Please provide a two hour time slot during which time The Forgetful Fairy will make the telephone call to your child.

The Enquiring Elf

*******URGENT******* Alfie needs to call your child.!!!! He's the elf who deal's with your particular child's Christmas list....but there is a problem! There is an item on the list that Alfie can't quite read and he will be in serious trouble with Santa if he messes up, so he needs to find out what it says. Click here for more details.

The Forgetful Parent

Oops! Did you forget that the tooth was under the pillow? Did your child wake up in the morning with it still there? Don’t panic! Esme will take the blame for you. Click here for more details.